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Will Alston / William Joshua Alston / Josh Alston / Joshua Alston / American Premier / American Premier Pools / American Premier Patios / American Premier Landscaping / All American Pool Designs / Aquatic Pool Professionals, et al, ad nauseam.

We need your help to permanently stop Mr. Alston from hurting more families in our region. He's been perpetrating the same fraud/scam since at least the beginning of 2017, and his crime spree has spanned several states, from Pennsylvania all the way to South Carolina. Verifiably more than twenty families, including mine, have been scammed out of anywhere from $10,000.00 to more than $60,000.00 each! As you can imagine, the financial impact is only a portion of the trauma.


Miroslav L.

SCAM!!!!!! In December 2018, we hired American Premier William Alston to build an inground pool and retaining wall. Over the past year and a half we have paid him $27,784 in progress payments. We have been billed and payed for a pool shell, pool equipment, pavers, and a heating unit. About a year ago the hole was dug for the pool and an unsound retaining wall was built, the wall is currently bowing/leaning out. We have not received any of the equipment/items that we have paid for. We have concern that Mr Alston does not have a license, insurance or permits. William Alston has also gone by the name Josh Alston.


Brian B.

Beware!!!!!! Wil Alston seemed like a gentlemen and a professional at first. He provided us with a quote to grade , sod and install a sprinkler system on our property. He asked that we pay in advance for materials only and he would have them direct shipped to our address. We paid (foolishly) and the materials never came, nor did Wil to complete the work. He stole over $4000 from us that we worked hard to save for our yard. No return calls , nothing but the loss of $4000. He should be ashamed of himself and of using the name American in his company!! A scam artist and thief!!! I'm happy to talk to anyone asking about his business practices.


Kristi B.

Do not hire this company !!! Will Alston will prey upon your good nature and trustworthiness. Initially he will seem nice and will be quite responsive until he has your money. He will ask for money up front using the pandemic as leverage to get you to pay for supplies to avoid being held up with partial closures. Rather then work for his money he will steal yours and never return phone calls or texts. Do not be fooled by any good reviews as all the negative reviews suddenly disappear. We have contacted several other organizations and are aggressively trying to help others from this parasite that continues to steal from good honest people.


Wendy T.

I hope this review will deter people from even considering American Premier Patios, Landscapes or whatever name be decided to go with next. I hired Will in December for a large landscaping job. My job included: artificial turf, concrete work, sod, flagstone pathway, lighting, paver and irrigation. My job all in would have been nearly 30k (with plants). Will expects 30% upfront and then a percentage upon start as well as other various deposits upon start of tasks along the way. My deposit was over 6k and before even the first thing was done, I "owed" him several thousand more.

Wi would show up at 2 and end around 4 when he did work. For the first few weeks, he would start a task from my project to get the money but never would finish. This went on for Months. Weeks at a time, he would not show and would provide me with the craziest excuses (Brain Cancer, Coronavirus, has to get staples in his foot, had to drive to GA to rent a bunny costume, illegal immigrants status for his employees, etc). I though I was doing well when he actually finished my irrigation but that was not to be. My first bill was for over 40k in water usage. My system was not even set up correctly nor was it watering everything. This will have to be redone.

Like others, he stated he would have my lights sent directly to me. They never arrived. 1800 in lighting! While he eventually put in some, several stopped working and he "ordered" replacements. Will ended up walking off with over 14 lights at 25-30 each.

As you can see in the pictures, my turf is a joke! He had no clue what he was doing. My yard never got drains install and upon the first rain, it flooded. As the turf had not been installed properly, both the stone dust and gravel washed into the beds. Turf was cut incorrectly and gave a patchwork appearance. When I sent pictures to the manufacturer they said it was the worst they had seen and it would no longer have a warranty. This along with the irrigation, will have to be redone by professionals.

On to the paver patio..... so Will stayed he could not get the 4piece cobble any longer and ran out of pavers before he was close to being finished. He bought another single block paver from another company. This doesn't even match! His workmanship was beyond bad. My patio slopes back to the house and in some areas looks like a kids roller coaster. During a rain storm we had, the water was standing in huge ponds. There was bubbles coming from under the patio up through the joints. I took video of this.

All in all, of the over 20k he got from me, I will end up spending a large percentage of that just to have his mistakes fixed.

Just as a side note, Will does state he is licensed and bonded as well as carries insurance. Don't fall for that. During one of his missing spells, I contacted the city here and he holds none of the above nor did he pull a permit for my work.

Don't be fooled by him. He is a con man and he will take you as he has many others.


Mike E.

if possible to give negative stars,I would.contracted plants were not put in,shortchanged on number of paid for plants,irrigation not done right.Damage done to existing edging.Work took left lying around,soda bottles everywhere.Will had no clue about plants,growing cycles,etc.Basically a scam artist.Further research on his company yielded over a half dozen people who were scammed out of money with no work done.Will Alston is a crook,do not hire him.


Christina R.

FYI this was also posted on Porch, but for a currently unknown reason, it has been removed along with other negative reviews.

If this would let me give 0 stars, I would. We hired Will to re-design our landscaping, install irrigation and drainage, and to put in lighting. We had some delays with our HOA in the beginning, but once we got their approval, the project commenced a week and a half after he said it would. He finally showed up at our house to begin work and began the irrigation portion first. At this point, we had already paid him 60 % of the total project. He dug holes, put in pipes, and trenched our entire yard on both sides, front and back, all of which took him roughly two weeks to do, which should have been a 2-3 day job. He finally showed up again to dump mulch, while still leaving our yard in disarray with open trenches! Then he just disappeared! He doesn't show up consistently and when he does, he puts in a couple hours and will disappear for the next day or two. He also does not communicate about when he's coming, and won't contact you about the status of the project until you probe him asking where he's been. He did bring up a health issue, which we understood, but he failed to communicate day after day. He has not responded to our latest texts. His last text to us had the audacity to ask for even more money when he hasn't shown up in 4 days to finish the irrigation. Our yard is a huge mess of holes, dirt, mud, and pipes sticking out everywhere. My kids keep tripping over everything. My daughter hurt her leg doing so. It is literally a disaster zone. We are trying to avoid a fee from our HOA as they are very stringent about appearance. Our neighbors are horrified at what he has done and are determined to spread the word about how this company operates. Do not hire Will Alston or his company, American Premier. He was so nice and communicative in the beginning, but do not be fooled. Once he gets your signature on his contract, he is evidently determined to leave your yard in complete disarray to hold your project hostage, until he gets all his money up front without completing anything. We were scammed. This is no way to operate a professional business and we are out of our initial 60 %, which is a decent chunk of money, with limited work to show for it.



I entered into a contract with Premier pools to build a residential pool at my home. The business Premier pools started my pool but never finished. ************* with Premier pools started my pool and over the course of a year and three months took $62,000 and never finished my pool. What he did do was not done properly and up to code.

I would like to see this man behind bars. He fraudulently enters into contracts knowing he will never finish the pool. He has done it to 4 others I have found. I want my money back for work not completed and I want him to be put out of business for good. So that he never does this again.


Mars P.

This Will Alston sent a quote for pool painting, pool cover installed, and pool diving board installed. 9 months of trying to contact him, we finally had to go to his community meeting in Easton, and now we're taking him t court. He insisted on being paid in full and has yet to complete the work. This jerk will either steal your money or hold onto it until you finally take him to court.


Ellen G.

Joshua Alson resurfaced our pool and surround in 2016. The process was absolutely terrible. A project that was supposed to take a few months took about a year with endless calls for him to come, disruption, and excuses. A year later, the pool has not held up well. The surface is peeling and there are weeds in the pavers. Do not use him!!


Quentin W.

Josh doesn't even deserve 1 star but you had to pick at least 1. There is really not enough words to describe what a horrible scamming person he is. He made everything sound great and that or pool would look so beautiful when it was finished and now we are just left with a huge mess and have to figure out how to get it finished. I guess the only way to make it sweet and short is do yourself a favor and defiantly do even think of using him for ANY job you have. He will talk a great talk and take your money and NEVER fulfill anything he says. And he has stories after stories for reasons why he wouldn't show up for days like he wanted you to feel sorry for him for all the problems he was having in his personal life. We are also taking legal actions but that doesn't mean he won't scam the next person that calls him. I don't understand how people like him can sleep at night knowing that he is purposely screwing and stealing from almost everyone he come in contact with. HE'S AN UNBELIEVABLE COWARD! PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE JOSH ALSTON...APP... FOR ANY PROJECT YOU ARE LOOKING TO GET DONE


Annmarie W.

Josh repaired some tiles on my pool last season. Turns out he used the wrong product which never cured and is now causing a great deal of issues. Stay away from this guy! I know I will never hear from him, because that is his style!


Kathy W.

I don't even know where to begin. It is now august 2017 and our pool was suppose to be done by may 2017 Everything josh said and had planned sounded great until it came to finishing ANY project he started. He was a great talker and never said "no" to anything and every time you asked when something would be done the answer was always "oh that's no problem it will be done by the end of the week" well needless to say weeks and weeks went by with nothing finished but still had enough nerve to keep asking for more money! Our neighbor was getting a pool with him as well at the same time their concrete was poured (and not finished properly) and josh told us our concrete will be poured the following week.... well that never happened so I called the concrete company he used and the concrete guy told me that was the first and last time he will ever work with josh the check josh gave him bounced and now he can't get a hold of josh and then he told me our house was never even scheduled for concrete so everything josh told us was a lie. We were going to get a shed in the back yard and josh said "yeah go order it I talked to the township and everything is good to go I got the permit" well again I called the township and they said josh told them about it but it need to go thru zoning and get a permit so good thing I checked or we would have been screwed again! We called new people to come give us estimates for finishing the project and they said "well I can see why he just left the job". Just about everything he did was not done incorrectly. There would be days he would stay working till 1:00 in the morning and then there was days he would come for 2 hours. Nothing was ever consistent he would just come and go as he pleased making it seem like he was getting stuff done. I just want everyone to know don't try to save a little bit of money using him go with a reputable company. We are trying to get it so that he will never be allowed to do pools again and keep scaming people We are in the also in the process of taking leagal actions and thanks to social media his wife made it known that he is now in myrlte beach working and continuing his scam to poor inasint people so just be aware of the name josh Alston... APP.... Also when you look up fiberglass pools it says project time is 3-4 weeks Not months of empty promises


Erica n.

Do not trust this scum bag!!! he is a professional scam artist and a pathalogical liar! he was supposed to finish our pool and fence dec of 2016. the work he has performed so far is trash! he put up one side of our fence so far and is crooked. we had a professional fence company come and take a look to finish the project. he did inventory of the fence material and told us we are missing half the material still. our concrete deck has cracks already and still has not been sealed. our wall he started is not even done properly. the water company he used called us looking for him because of nonpayment, the concrete company stopped by looking for him because his check bounced. we have to pay Tens of thousands of dollars to get everything fixed. stay away from him. we are taking legal action.


David G.

Josh Austin is a Thief he took $2,000 cash from me which took me 5 years to save for a downpayment I'm getting my pool renovated I told him that I was nervous about giving him $2,000 cash because I've been taking advantage of before he promised me everything will be fine and I asked him it would be okay to take a photograph of his driver's license to make myself feel more comfortable he told me okay I am disabled and on a limited income he took advantage of me and I want to share with other people about him so if you plan on getting your pool renovated by Josh Austin from Pennsylvania be aware he will take your money and run good luck to everyone stay away from Josh Austin from David G New Jersey PS it will take me another year to save up enough money for another deposit for my pool project thanks to Josh Austin